Still Herbal After All These Years
Herb Pharm Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

still herbal


When the roots of a company are established in fertile ground, the growth is vigorous and healthy. And so it is with Herb Pharm – a company that began 30 years ago with passion and principles continues to thrive today as one of America's most recognized producers of medicinal herb extracts.

In 1979, Herb Pharm took root in Williams, Oregon. Back then the "lab" was the kitchen of co-founders Ed Smith and Sara Katz. Their first commercial product, Herbal Ed's SalveTM, was infused in a turkey roaster, extract bottles were filled by hand from a beaker, and labels were hand-typed. Then as now, Herb Pharm focused on collecting the best quality herbs, hand-picking the most medicine laden parts of the plants when at their height of quality and potency.

A lot has changed since Herb Pharm's humble beginnings in 1979. We've added a certified organic farm where we cultivate much of the plant material used to make our extracts. In addition, the farm serves as a practical research site for the propagation of 'At-Risk' wild medicinal plants, and is sanctioned as a Botanical Sanctuary by United Plant Savers. We've also added an FDA-audited and GMP-compliant extraction facility and Botanical Sciences Laboratory where we integrate the knowledge and wisdom of traditional herbalism with the herbal sciences and technology of the 21st Century.

Herb Pharm is sincerely grateful and thanks the retailers, healthcare professionals and consumers who have used our products over the years. We hope to meet you personally at any one of the events we have scheduled in 2009 to help celebrate our 30th year, including industry tradeshows, consumer green living events, on the lecture circuit, or on our farm during one of our public tours. See a complete list of our events online at



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