Planting the Future Program of Classes

Registration: 8:30am

Opening Circle: 9:30 - 10:15am

Session One: 10:30 - noon

Climate Change, Plant Chemistry & Xenohormesis
with Kevin Spelman (Creek House)
As atmospheric gases change and temperature and the moisture of the earth's crust shift, not only will our food plants change their chemistry, but our medicinal plants will change as well. In the xenohormesis model, stressed plants signal humans that something is amiss. This in turn causes a physiological response in humans and other mammals. It seems that plant chemistry is already warning us that Gaia is changing strategies.

The Botanical Adventures of Herbal Ed
with Ed Smith (Grotto)
Join Herb Pharm's co-founder, Ed Smith, in a travelogue slideshow around the world in search of medicinal herbs and knowledge of their traditional and modern uses. You'll virtually travel to Peruvian Andes (Maca) and the Amazon jungle (Cat's Claw, Dragon's Blood); India (Green Tea, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Black Pepper, Turmeric); Thailand (Andrographis, Ud Wood, Holy Basil, Immortality Herb); Indonesia (Cinnamon, Mangosteen), Vietnam (Crinum latifolium); Vanuatu, Fiji & Tonga (Kava Kava); and more. Ed will discuss the pharmacognosy and therapeutic uses of these herbs and how they are being sustainably propagated by organic farmers to save them from extinction.

Common Plants, Special Women
with Amanda McQuade (Living Room)
How many people can we help with a small apothecary of potent plants? Come discover how simple and effective it is to refine our knowledge of materia medica so more women with fewer plants receive successful clinical care.

Essential Oils: Sourcing, Sustainability, Fair-Trade & Therapeutic Uses
with Tim Blakley (Barn)
We'll discuss the importance of 'Green Sourcing', how it relates to conservation and sustainability with plants like sandalwood, rosewood and spikenard. We'll discuss quality issues with essential oils, and most importantly, their many therapeutic benefits.

The Good Herbs of the Roundtable
with Cascade Anderson-Geller (Carport)
Cascade will bring some of her favorite healing plants, from near and far, and demonstrate what she has learned from them about getting success and enjoyment. She invites you to join in with stories of your own. Come, all ye with green tales of healing works accomplished with herbs.

Adaptogenic Herbs
with Jane Bothwell (Pergola)
Explore the potent world of adaptogen herbs with Jane Bothwell. Herbs can help you adapt to the situations you are presented with no matter how challenging they may be. These plants work on a deep cellular level to restore resiliency and vitality, improve memory and endurance and increase your capacity to handle stress.

Wild Weeds Walk
with Mark Disharoon (meet at Oak Knoll)
Mark's walk will cover the uses and folklore of the plants we encounter throughout our daily lives. Some of the plants to be discussed are Dandelion, Plantain, Mullein, Wild Lettuce, Shepherd's Purse, Yarrow, Lemon Balm and Nettle.

Lunch: Noon - 1:30pm

Session Two: 1:30 - 3:00pm

Plants at Risk, What Can You & UpS Do About It?
with Tim Blakley, Sara Katz & Susan Leopold (Carport)
In this class we will go into detail on all the plants on the United Plant Savers list, from Black Cohosh to Ginseng. We will cover the key issues of sustainable harvesting, the role of cultivation, and the impact the consumer can have to change things. We will of course discuss our favorite uses of these important herbs. We will discuss in depth our "At-Risk" tool that helps us determine the status of a plant, as well as going into detail regarding the present day near 'raping' of native Sandalwood in Hawaii.

Dr Edward Bach: Digging Deeper
with Jonathan Treasure (Grotto)
Reflections on Dr Bach and his remedies via the lenses of Buddhism, Integrative Medicine, Mayan spirit medicine & clinical oncology.

Analogs for "At-Risk" Plants
with Amanda McQuade (Living Room)
Clinical results are easy to achieve with excellent "substitute" plants when we know who we are treating and why. Understand what is important to your healing practice in a multidisciplinary session on plant compounds, energetics of the herbs, body systems, and the physiology of mammals.

Whole Health in Pregnancy - Safe Choices for Optimal Wellness
with Julie Plunkett (Barn)
Julie will share nutritional & herbal remedies and daily protocols for a healthy pregnancy. We will especially cover safe herbs to address health issues that often arise in pregnancy that are confounding in terms of safe treatment - how to optimize the baby's health while developing and preparing mom for an efficient labor & delivery.

The Endocannabinoid System: Cannabanoid Receptor Activating Plant Molecules from Cannabis spp. and Other Medicinal Plants
with Kevin Spelman, PhD, MCPP (Creek House)
The endogenous cannabinoids are ubiquitous in mammalian physiology and affect many tissues and pathways, including immune function, metabolism and neurological tone. There are dozens of plant cannabinoids in Cannabis spp. but there are also plant cannabinoids found in plant species such as Echinacea and Prickly Ash. We will review the role of the endocannabinoid system and discuss various medicinal plant species, the synergy of cannabinoids and their impact on human health.

Growing a Backyard Farmacy
with Kathi Keville (Pergola)
Grow your own! Selecting, cultivating, making and storing medicines from your backyard (or even in pots on your porch). Make a move towards high quality herbs and self-sufficiency, and an alternative to using native plants growing in the wild. Herb growing and processing techniques for the West Coast.

Herb Walk "Enjoy the Beauty of the Land"
with Cascade Anderson-Geller (meet at Oak Knoll)
Join Cascade to travel to the far reaches of the stunning Herb Pharm field, and forest, seeing wild, and cultivated herbs, in their May glory.

Session Three: 3:15 - 4:45pm

Growing Medicinals & "At-Risk" Plants
with Mark Wheeler (Pergola)
Mark will lead a tour of Herb Pharm's farm explaining how to propagate, transplant, cultivate and harvest medicinals with an emphasis on "At-Risk" plants' healing modality. Xx was this supposed to end after plants or is healing modality supposed to be in there?

Fertility Enhancement for Men & Women: Clearing the Obstacles to Conception ... Full Term Pregnancies & Healthy, Robust Babies
with Julie Plunkett, CN, Medical Herbalist, Health Educator (Living Room)
Couples (and single women) may be challenged when embarking on the journey of "makin babies" – for some it is due to starting late in life, after the mid thirties and into the early 40's; and in some there are obstacles for various physiological reasons. I will share with you my clinical experiences and herbal / nutritional protocols that have worked so well and helped dozens of women and couples achieve healthy pregnancies and deliveries of healthy babies.

Medicinal Aquatic Plants for your Backyard Pond
with Holly Crosson (Grotto)
Through slides, handouts and a visit to a pond on site, Holly will provide tips on creating a habitat-friendly water garden. You will learn how to site your pond, grow beautiful water plants (including over a dozen species of medicinal aquatics), control algae, attract wildlife, and protect local waterways by preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Come Free!
with Richo Cech (Carport)
Everything you ever wanted to know about comfrey, including the differences between hybrid Russian comfrey and true Symphytum officinalis. This class will cover cultivation of comfrey, how to keep comfrey from "taking over," and the uses of comfrey in medicine, veterinary medicine, compost making and permaculture. Stories, show-and-tell, recipes, and little known facts about bone knit!

Bountiful Bioregional Medicines and Edibles
with Autumn Summers (Barn)
There is a bounty of local wild and naturalized medicines and foods that grow from Northern California to Southern Oregon to include in your wellness kit and kitchen pantry. From the first spring blooms of Indian Warrior to the herbs of summer and fall - Yarrow, Oshala, California Poppy, Yerba Santa, Seaweeds and more - we are surrounded by medicine if you know what to look for. We will cover how to identify, properly harvest and use these herbs as well as taste a savory acorn dip.

Holistic Animal Herbalism
with Greg Tilford (Creek House)
Dogs and cats have been using herbal medicines for millions of years, and today still benefit from herbs--- much as their human guardians do. But the nutritional requirements and bodies of our canine and feline friends are very different from ours, requiring the animal herbalist to work from a different perspective. During this lecture animal lovers will be introduced to principles and practices of safe and effective herb use in non-human recipients.

with Jane Bothwell (meet at Oak Knoll)

Closing Circle: 5:00 - 5:30pm