Botanical Sciences & Analytical Lab

Herb Pharm's Analytical Laboratory

Clockwise from top left:

Don verifying Echinacea species with a microscope

Preparing herb samples for HPLC analysis

HPTLC chromatograph showing consistent quality of
6 different St. John's Wort extracts

HPLC chromatograph showing consistent quality of
3 different Kava extracts

Integrating Traditional Herbal Wisdom & Modern
Botanical Sciences

Science With Wisdom
Herb Pharm continues to revere and follow the centuries-old, time-proven wisdom of traditional herbal medicine, but we integrate that wisdom with the herbal sciences of the 21st Century. In so doing, we are careful not to make the mistake made by so many herb companies of focusing on an herb's so-called "active compound" and disregarding its many other chemical compounds, losing sight of the herb as a whole. At Herb Pharm we use precision analytical instruments to look at the herbs' individual chemical compounds, but when making our extracts we consider the integrity of all of these compounds in order to make a broad-spectrum extract that represents the whole herb. Our laboratory personnel include a chemist and a botanist, with many years of experience in the sciences.

Herb Pharm's Botanical Sciences & Analytical Laboratory Serves Many Functions:

  1. Research on our herb farm for improving herb crops and determining optimal harvest times and herb-processing procedures.
  2. Developing and validating herb cultivation, processing and extraction methods which maintain the chemical integrity of the original herb.
  3. Serving our Quality Assurance and Sanitization Departments to assure optimal purity and quality of raw materials and finished products, batch-to-batch extract consistency, and elimination of allergens, mold and bacteria.
  4. Serving our Product Development Team in researching and developing
    new products and improving upon existing ones.
  5. Contributing to the knowledge base on the physiological and pharmacological
    effects of medicinal plants on human wellness.
  6. Partnering with other institutions, whose missions align with Herb Pharm, to support the
    inquiry into the relationship between plants and human health.

Analytical Instruments Used in our Botanical Sciences & Analytical Laboratory

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometry
  • ATP Sanitation Monitoring System
  • Allergen Monitoring System
  • Soleris Rapid Optical Microbiological Detection System
  • Microscopy (compound & dissecting microscopes)
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