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Herb Pharm's Mission
Herb Pharm is committed to providing the highest quality herbal extract products possible, educating people on the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs, and inspiring a love for plants and a respect for Mother Nature.


Building Customers' Trust
Since our founding in 1979, Herb Pharm has built trust with our customers the same way we produce our herbal products with meticulous attention to detail, responsible environmental policy, and ethical business practices.

A key ingredient in building and sustaining a successful business is repeat sales especially to the same customers over many years. And this can only be achieved when our customers trust that our health-promoting herbal products are consistently safe and effective in other words, that they actually work.

Quality You Can Trust
How we get our herbal extracts to "work" is a long and detailed process that starts with environmentally responsible practices on our organic farm and in the wild fields of our rural valley here in southern Oregon, as well as the far reaches of the earth. Once the herbs are procured, the process continues throughout a multitude of Good Manufacturing Practices and stringent quality assurance controls in our FDA-audited manufacturing facility. This careful attention to detail assures our customers the trust that each and every product is produced correctly, batch after batch, each and every time.

Trusted Customer Service
Another important ingredient to successful business is building trust with our customers through excellent customer service and by making sure each and every order is handled expeditiously so they consistently get exactly what they ordered, and on time.

Trustworthy Information
Also, a necessary ingredient in building trust is giving our customers accurate and reliable information about our products through full disclosure of all ingredients and processes via our labels and promotional materials, and by educating our customers on the safe and effective use of our herbal products.

As America's leading liquid herbal extract company, maintaining our customer's trust is as important as having a successful, profitable company indeed, we can't have one without the other.



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