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the History of Herb Pharm

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Ed Smith and Sara Katz, 1979

Sara chopping roots to dry

Ed inspecting freshly harvested Ginseng root

Ed with some of Herb Pharm's Interns

The First Years
On March 8, 1979, Herb Pharm was officially established as a bona fide business in Williams, Oregon. From the beginning, our mission has been unwavering:

We are committed to providing the highest quality herbal products possible, educating people on the safe & effective use of medicinal herbs, & inspiring a love for plants and respect for Nature.

Back in the early days, our "lab" was the home of Ed Smith and Sara Katz, the company's founders and owners. Bottles were filled one-by-one with a beaker, and labels were manually typed. Accompanied by a handful of apprentices, days and nights were spent planting, harvesting and grinding the roots, leaves, flowers and seeds that grew in our garden and the surrounding mountains to make our liquid herbal extracts.

Serving a Need
In those days, our little company was the alternative to the rather poor quality and limited array of medicinal herb products available. Back then, we spoke constantly and emphatically of the importance of using organic, high-quality herbs as opposed to the over-dried plant fiber that the few existing companies were using in their products.

Focus on Quality
We collected the best quality herbs we could, hand-picking the most medicine laden plant parts at their peak of readiness. We even drove 100 miles round trip to fill our jugs with solar distilled water for our extracts!

Our Traditional Roots
Before starting Herb Pharm, Ed lived for five winters in the South American jungle learning about plants from the native healers. He practiced herbal medicine at a missionary clinic in Guatemala, and studied every herb book he could get his hands on. Early on, we used formulas from traditional American herbals, the writings of the Eclectic Physicians, and the U.S.Pharmacopoeia.

Ed Smith began formulating proprietary compounds, using knowledge from his studies and extensive travels. Always paying close attention to worldwide medicinal herb research, Herb Pharm introduced to the American herb market valuable medicinal herb products such as Ginkgo and Vitex (Chaste Tree).

Today at Herb Pharm
Ed and Sara are still owners of Herb Pharm, and are involved in the operations of the company. We now have an certified organic herb farm (called the "Pharm Farm"), employ over 75 people, and sell products to health food stores, Herbalists, Naturopathic Physicians, and Medical Doctors worldwide.

Attention to Detail
We are as picky as ever about the plants we use and their meticulous extraction. We extract each herb according to its own unique physical and biochemical characteristics at our FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Williams, OR. As years go by, we constantly look for ways to improve the quality of our herbal medicines.

Committed to Principles of Traditional Herbal Medicines
Our broad-spectrum extracts seek to mirror the flavor, aroma and natural plant chemistry found in Nature. This is in stark contrast to the ever-increasing trend towards isolating plant constituents, thus modifying their natural array and balance. We are still committed to herbal extracts that represent the whole plant, and to the fundamental principles of traditional herbal medicines. We are sincerely grateful and thank all of our customers who have used our products throughout the years. As we continue to sink our herbal roots deeper and deeper, we will constantly strive to bring our customers the finest herbal extracts available anywhere.



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