How We Do It

Since our beginnings in 1979, people have relied on our products for a simple reason—they work. Delivering on that promise time and time again means getting every detail right. It also means setting the standards for earth-friendly practices for herbal supplements. We celebrate this responsibility from the seed to the shelf.

Seed to Shelf

We want you to know where your medicine comes from. Our seed to shelf process is transparent to illustrate that products are the purest, safest and most potent possible. Learn more

Growing Wellness

Our mission doesn’t stop at the plants and their medicine. The treatment of our employees, our partners, our local community and the environment is equally as important. Learn more

Herbal Education

Want to try your hand at organic herb farming? Read about our renowned Herbaculture Intern Program as well as our educational partnerships designed to stimulate herb interest and create a deeper understanding of the role of herbal medicine.Learn more

What's New & Events

From farm tours and product demonstrations to herb walks and educational conferences, get a glimpse of everything we have going on and read about new product releases and other newsworthy tidbits. Learn more

About Herb Pharm

More than 35 years ago, Herb Pharm’s founders began making herbal medicine for their friends in the pristine Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. Becoming pioneers in the modern herbal movement was the furthest thing from their minds, the word of their herb quality spread and the world came knocking. Learn more

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