numen the nature of plants

Numen: The Nature of Plants
Numen, defined as the animating force in nature, is a full-length documentary film focusing on the healing power of plants, and contains interviews with Herb Pharm co-founder Ed Smith. Featuring stunning footage of medicinal plants and thought-provoking interviews, the film calls for a re-awakening of traditional knowledge about plants and their uses. Clicking the link takes you to the Numen site where you may preview a clip of the film.

Herb Pharm is deeply committed to providing educational resources and opportunities for you to learn more about herbal plant medicine, as well as why and how to use herbal remedies in their various forms.

With that in mind, Herb Pharm presents lectures across the country, and via online training programs. Many of those presentations will be recorded and provided here, accompanied by supplementary multi-media material, so they are available to a wider audience.


Kevin Spelman's Ecological Pharmacology


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