Why "Liquid" Extracts?

Why Liquids

Optimal Absorption
Unlike herb capsules and tablets, Liquid Herbal Extracts are readily absorbed, digested, and assimilated by the body to assure the herb's optimal therapeutic benefit.

Multiple Ways to Use
Liquid Herbal Extracts can be taken internally with water, juice or tea; and they can also be applied topically as a wash or liniment.


Several different Liquid Herbal Extracts can easily be combined together to quickly create your own custom formulas.

The Taste Difference
The taste and aroma of an herb often increase its therapeutic benefit. For example, the taste of certain bitter herbs increases the body's digestive juices, and this helps improve appetite and digestion.

Fresh Herb Extraction
For their full therapeutic effect, some plants must be extracted while fresh; others only after careful drying. Unlike dry capsules, Liquid Herbal Extracts allow the option of conserving the herb in its fresh or dry state.

After years of working with herbs, Herb Pharm remains convinced that broad-spectrum Liquid Herbal Extracts are the most effective way to administer therapeutic herbs.


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