The "Pharm Farm"

the Pharm Farm

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Arial view of the of the "Pharm Farm"

Farm crew & interns harvesting chamomile flowers

Rainbow over farm

Propagating Echinacea plants in one of the
farm's greenhouses

The Heart of the Company
Surrounded by the spectacular Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon, our certified organic farm, which we affectionately call the "Pharm Farm", inspires our love for plants and demonstrates our deep reverence for Nature.

The Pharm Farm affirms Herb Pharm's commitment to:
  • The sustainable use of medicinal plants
  • Educating people about the use of herbs
  • Using only the highest quality herbs in our products

The land we call the Pharm Farm is only two miles from our herbal extract production facility in Williams, Oregon. Bordered by medicinal trees like Ginkgo, Hawthorn, Thuja and Chaste Berry, are multi-hued fields of Echinacea, Chamomile, Calendula and over 60 species of medicinal plants that are being cultivated for use in our extraction laboratory. The Pharm Farm is where more than half of the tonnage used in our extracts are grown.

Seed to Shelf Quality Assurance
"Having our own farm assures consistency and quality from seed to shelf," states co-founder, Ed Smith. "This includes procuring organic seed, planting and cultivating in appropriate soil conditions, harvesting at the optimal time of season and day, and then carefully drying and storing for future use, or direct delivery of the fresh herbs to our production facility for immediate extraction."


Through cover cropping and the incorporation of various organic farming principles, we work to continually enrich the soil, thereby growing medicinal herbs rich in active constituents and vitality.


We strive to re-create, as much as possible, the natural habitat best suited to each plant. By doing this we nourish the earth, and cultivate plants containing constituents similar to those found in the wild.

Protecting Endangered Medicinal Plants
Besides meeting Herb Pharm's high standards and ever-increasing demand for organic herbs, the Pharm Farm provides a much needed alternative to the wild-harvesting of herbs which are threatened by loss of habitat or over-harvesting. By learning to cultivate these threatened herbs we can lighten the burden on the wild populations and assure supplies of these valuable medicinal plants for decades to come. The Pharm Farm is now cultivating Goldenseal, Black Cohosh, Bloodroot, Valerian, Skullcap, Collinsonia, Wild Yam and many others. The Pharm Farm is an official United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary.

Herbal Education
Besides the cultivation of field crops, our farm staff is responsible for the maintenance of our Botanical Display and Education Garden. With hundreds of species of medicinal and aromatic plants, gently running waterfall and streams, plant ponds, winding paths, and "class room" pergola, this visual and aromatic splendor is the ideal environment for educational lectures and herb walks which are given regularly to visiting tours of herb enthusiasts.

Where Quality Grows™
By growing our own herbs and having such a close liaison between our manufacturing department and our farm, we are able to optimize cultivation techniques, time of harvest, and handling of herbs far better than by sourcing these herbs from other growers. It is here on Herb Pharm's certified organic herb farm and plant sanctuary where our quality comes to life and begins to grow.



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