The "Plant Plant"

the Plant Plant

Clockwise from top left:

Herb Pharm's "Plant Plant", the facility where we produce Herb Pharm's herbal extracts

Grinding fresh Calendula flowers with alcohol menstruum for our Calendula Succus extract

Chamomile menstruum is being pressed out, which removes the plant material and produces a pure extract

Everyday, each extract must be stirred to keep the extraction process moving along

Our Production Facility
The facility where we produce Herb Pharm's herbal extracts The Plant Plant is located just two miles from our certified organic herb farm The Pharm Farm. Their close proximity assures prompt delivery of freshly-harvested herbs directly from the fields, or recently-dried herbs directly from the farm's drying loft. Here we also receive additional organic and wildrafted herbs from other farmers and wildcrafters from various parts of the USA and throughout the world.

Traditional Extraction Fundamentals
Integrated With Modern Science & Technology

We believe the centuries-proven fundamentals of herbal extraction are indispensable and timeless. However, by incorporating 21st-Century science and technology, we are able to perfect the application of these fundamentals, and thereby produce superior quality herbal extracts.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
Throughout the hundreds of steps of our extract-production processes from planting the fields to shipping out the finished products each and every step is controlled through FDA mandated and audited Good Manufacturing Practices and by strict inspections by our Botanical Sciences & Analytical Laboratory, our Microbiology Laboratory, and our Quality Assurance and Sanitation Departments. These standard operating procedures (SOPs) include ongoing staff training, herb identity verification, raw materials inspection and inventory control, equipment maintenance, multiple microbiological, allergen and chemical testing, strict sanitation controls, storage and inventory control of finished goods, accounting of all product shipped, and documentation of each and every step.

Our "seed to shelf" approach to extract production is certainly a lot of work, but that's OK with us because it enables us to produce safe and superior-quality herbal extracts.

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