Herbal Capsules, Softgels & Powder

Quality, purity & environmental responsibility are at the heart of our philosophy and work, and our encapsulated herbs are no exception. We use only plants that are either certified organically cultivated or sustainably Sustainably Wildcrafted in their natural habitat to ensure conservation of wild plants for future generations. We use only natural pharmaceutical-grade alcohol and distilled water, and never commonly used synthetic chemical solvents like hexane, acetone, methanol, petroleum ether and ethyl acetate in the making of our capsule products.


Anxiety Soother™ Capsules
Support for Occasional & Mild Anxiety*
Asian Ginseng Capsules
Out of Stock
Kava Capsules
Promotes Peaceful Relaxation, Reduces Stress...*
Maca Capsules
Healthy Sexual Libido, Function & Fertility*
Maca Powder
Healthy Libido, Function & Fertility*
Out of Stock
Milk Thistle Capsules
Super Echinacea® Capsules
Supports Healthy Function of the Immune System*
Turmeric Softgels
Contains 200 mg of Certified Organic Turmeric root

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