Friar's Balsam

Friar's Balsam

Proprietary extract blend:
Siam Benzoin resin (Styrax tonkinensis) 2 3
Storax balsam (Liquidambar orientalis) 2 3
Balsam of Tolu (Myroxylon balsamum) 2 3
Balsam of Peru (Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae) 2 3
Myrrh tears (Commiphora abyssinica &/or molmol) 2
Angelica root (Angelica archangelica) 1

Additional Ingredients:

Certified organic alcohol. GLUTEN-FREE


1 Certified Organically Grown
2 Sustainably Wildcrafted
3 Aromatic Exudate harvested from trees

All of the herbs in this formula are individually extracted to ensure a broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds.

Suggested Use:

Shake Well Before Using

Take up to 30 drops in 2 oz. of water or juice, two or three times per day. Best taken between meals.


Keep Out of the Reach of Children


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