Oregano Spirits™

Oregano Spirits™
Oregano Spirits™ Oregano Spirits™

Proprietary extract blend:
Oregano leaf & flower (Origanum vulgare) 1
Oregano herb essential oil (Origanum vulgare) 1 2

Additional Ingredients:

Certfied organic alcohol & distilled water. GLUTEN-FREE


1 Certified Organically Grown
2 Sustainably Wildcrafted

Oregano Spirits™ is a blend of the plant extract and the essential oil of Origanum vulgare plants. The extract is made from Certified Organically Grown plants and the essential oil is distilled from plants that are Certified Organically Grown or Sustainably Wildcrafted in their natural wild habitat.

Suggested Use:

Shake Well Before Using
Take up to 30 drops in 2 oz. of water, two to four times per day. Best taken between meals.


Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy or nursing. Do not take drops undiluted.
Keep Out of the Reach of Children


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