Purity & Safety

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the purity and safety of our products. Period. You can shop our herbal products with the peace of mind that you are supporting the planet while getting quality 100% of the time.

Herb Screening, Testing & Verification

There are literally hundreds of steps required to make an Herb Pharm product. Whether plants come from our own organic farms or from a growing partner half a world away, we thoughtfully scrutinize:

Identity – Distinguishing one species from another is a complex skill that takes years to develop. Our herbal experts touch, taste and smell all of our herbs and compare their findings to our extensive digital catalog, compiled and updated over three decades.

Confirmation – Our experts’ findings comes through our Botanical Sciences Laboratory. Our scientists generate a phytochemical “fingerprint” of each herb sample to reveal the herb’s array of natural compounds. The array must match our exacting specifications before that herb can fulfill its destiny as an Herb Pharm extract.

Purity – We put our herbs through a multitude of careful tests. We screen for synthetic fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals. Our Soleris® testing system provides fast and accurate detection of microbiological organisms like bacteria, yeast and molds. Only the purest herbs enter our doors and make their way to your medicine cabinet.

Potency –Natural and environmental factors affect an herb’s potency, so even the purest herbs need to measure up. Our Botanical Sciences Laboratory verifies herb potency both before and after manufacturing through state-of-the-art High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) analysis to ensure that every batch is consistent and meets or exceeds its labeled shelf life.

Traceability – Every raw material is assigned a unique identifier, which is electronically recorded and forever associated with all of the products that material goes into. This ensures complete traceability of all of our products. We can pinpoint the exact seed lot and field from which the herb originated.

At Herb Pharm we reject herbs that some manufacturers would accept without question. This may create the occasional "out-of-stock" situation - which we recognize can be inconvenient – but we can’t imagine making medicine any other way.

Herb Manufacturing

Our certified organic manufacturing facility is located just a few miles from our organic farm. Because some herbs rapidly lose vibrancy post-harvest, this close proximity allows us to harvest, deliver, inspect and deliver an herb into processing in a very short period.

We believe the centuries-proven fundamentals of herbal extraction are indispensable and timeless. However, by incorporating 21st-Century science and technology, we are able to perfect the application of these fundamentals to produce superior herbal extracts.

The Food and Drug Administration inspects our facility. In its role as overseer of dietary supplement makers, FDA issues a code of regulations called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). GMPs describe methods, facility and equipment standards, testing and control and record keeping protocol requirements.

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