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Herb Pharm Education Programs for Retailers and Practitioners

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Autumn Summers, Herbalist & Educator

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A big part of Herb Pharm's mission is educating people on the safe and effective use of medicinal herbs, and inspiring a love for plants, and a respect for nature and the environment.

To that end we offer a comprehensive educational program for our customers. We recognize that in today's world, everyone's needs and schedules differ, which is why we make available a number of educational resources.

Online Herbal Education Modules
To support the evolving product education needs of retailers and health practitioners, Herb Pharm's herbal educators have developed a series of self-paced, herb and health condition oriented learning modules designed to offer a flexible learning experience. To register for these free online education modules, go to

Current Module Topics
Introduction to Herb Pharm
Respiratory Allergy Herbs
Herbs for Immune Health
Stress & Herbal Adaptogens
Herbs for Women's Health
Herbs for Men's Health
Herbs for Children's Health

Herbal Webinars
Every month Herb Pharm offers our retail customers and healthcare practitioners an opportunity to hear herbalist and educator, Autumn Summers, provide information about our herbal products. These Webinars are free but you need to be a current retail or professional customer to participate in these trainings.

In-Store Trainings
Whether you are new to Herb Pharm, or have staff that wants to learn more about Herb Pharm, we are happy to come to your store and provide you with educational training.



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