4 Herbs for daily immune support*

Can herbs help your daily wellness efforts? Naturally. Here are four herbs to consider taking regularly to support immune health all season long.

Take Astragalus over time for deep immune support.* At Herb Pharm, our Astragalus extract is prepared from the root of Astragalus mongholicus plants. To assure optimal extraction of Astragalus’s bioactive compounds, the root is hand-harvested only in autumn and carefully shade-dried to maintain its full aroma and color. The taste is earthy, bitter and slightly sweet. Try Astragalus for yourself.

Black Elderberry provides deep support for an active immune response.* Our Black Elderberry extract is prepared from Certified Organic, fully-ripened berries of Sambucus nigra trees. To assure optimal extraction of Black Elderberry’s bioactive compounds, the berries are hand-harvested only when fully mature. It has a tart, fruity taste. Shop for Black Elderberry.

Echinacea is a foundational immune herb that provides complex, deep support of the immune system over both the short and long term.* Herb Pharm’s Echinacea extract is prepared from fresh (never dried) roots of Echinacea purpurea which are Certified-Organically Grown on our own farm. The roots are harvested and then promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent. It has a deep, earthy taste followed by a tingling mouthfeel. Start a healthy habit with Echinacea.

Reishi supports the immune system and is highly revered in Asian traditions.*  We prepare our Reishi Extract from dried Ganoderma lucidum fruiting bodies which are Certified-Organically grown. We directly purchase from China only mushrooms that have been graded “1st Quality.” Shop for Reishi mushroom extract.

Want a simple way to get all 4 of these herbs into your daily routine? Try Daily Immune Builder. It’s a helpful immune formula stocked with the herbs above and a few more to support your wellness habits. Try Daily Immune Builder for yourself.