Boost Your Immunity this Season with Two Steps to Wellness

Immune_General_1024x1024_TwoStepsBy now, summer is a distant memory. School is back in session, social activities entice, a full work schedule beckons, and holiday obligations lurk around the corner. Stressful schedules combined with dreary weather can challenge our good health goals.

Preparing for Good Health

Now is the ideal time to nurture your body for a healthy immune response. By providing support before your immune system is compromised, you can stay one step ahead of the season’s stressors. One of the most effective ways to face the season is to use multi-tasking herbal blends designed to support multiple body functions.

The most effective herbal immunity formulas fall into two categories: Daily Care and Acute Care. Designed for regular use, Daily Care keeps the immune system primed and ready. Acute Care provides extra support when you need it most.

Daily Care for Preventive SupportImmune_Herbs_Composites_1024x1024_01

The addition of a daily immune formula is a simple way to help nurture and prepare your immune system. This type of formula provides your immune system with the support necessary to combat exposure to stress. Think of it as adding an extra layer of protection. Just like adding a jacket to your outfit when the weather forecast calls for bad weather, your immune system also needs specific support to deal with seasonal health challenges. Herbs such as Echinacea purpurea, Astragalus, Reishi, Schisandra, and Prickly Ash provide ideal immune support* and have a long history in traditional herbal medicine.

Echinacea is well-known for its ability to optimize the immune system*. Astragalus root supports lung function in addition to reinforcing the body’s natural defenses*. Reishi mushroom supports the immune system and is believed to boost longevity*, while Schisandra berry is traditionally used to tonify the immune system and increase vitality*. More recently, Schisandra has also been shown to support liver function*.

Each ingredient works together to create an “entourage effect.” Together, they blend to create a single masterpiece that supports immune health on a regular basis.

Acute Care forImmune_Herbs_Composites_1024x1024_02 Sickness       

Despite the best preventive care, sometimes life throws us a curveball. The dreaded tickle in the throat or snuffy nose begins and you suddenly feel worn down and tired. This is what your immune system was designed for—fighting back! It’s a hard job, but you can make it easier by selecting herbs designed for acute care. Call in the reinforcements and let Nature’s wisdom work through herbs that support the immune system and upper respiratory health*.

Look for herbs such as Echinacea, which supports the lymphatic system and promotes sinus and bronchial health*. Goldenseal, Osha, and Yerba Santa are also good choices because they support the health of mucosal membranes*. Black Elderberry has been growing in popularity as an effective tool for targeted immune support*.

When used at the first signs of immune distress, acute care blends can help promote comfort and recovery*.