Embrace the Taste

GoldensealRootSplit_withCaptionEvery day we rely upon our senses to navigate the world around us. From stepping outside to check the weather to fixing an afternoon snack, we use our touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste to live in harmony with our surroundings.

Our bodies are designed to work in unison with our senses; we do it every day without thinking. But what happens when we engage the senses in regard to our health and well-being by fully experiencing the foods and plants we digest?

Delivering Herbs in the Best Form Possible

We believe humans and plants have co-existed in harmony for millennia, providing us with the tools for life and natural mechanisms for health. This harmonious existence means our bodies are naturally attuned to the complex chemistry within plants.

When we absorb a plant’s chemistry, our bodies recognize and welcome the components needed for optimal health. By ingesting the plant in a minimally processed form, we receive nature’s gifts as they are meant to be enjoyed. As an added boost, when we engage all of our senses in this process, the experience is enhanced.

Supporting Health Using the Five Senses

Our bodies need to experience herbs before we ingest them. We need to engage the senses as we do with daily meals, morning cups of coffee, or evening glasses of wine. See the tones and vibrant colors as they simmer in the bottle, hear the dosage as it leaves the dropper, smell the aromatics contained in each drop, feel the liquid in the mouth, and taste the multifaceted flavors as they enter the body.

These are the same aromas and flavors our ancestors experienced, and our bodies have evolved to recognize them as truly natural. By making this a sensory-filled moment, our bodies awaken and rediscover the innate properties linking us to the natural world.

Choosing Liquids3_Embrace_Welcome

When we ingest herbs in liquid form, we introduce the beneficial properties of herbs into the body almost instantly. For example, the mere taste of bitters triggers the release of digestive enzymes. Masking or encapsulating the taste hides important properties from the bodies we seek to nourish.

Our bodies also absorb liquids with little need for digestion. This can further accelerate the body’s response. Plus, the convenience of liquid dosage means it can be adjusted for individual needs by simply using more or less.

Perhaps most importantly, liquid supplements allow us to experience the whole flavor and aroma of herbs. By engaging the senses, we prime our bodies to accept the herbs’ therapeutic properties and allow our whole being to participate in the goal of supporting health.

Choosing Herb Pharm

Herb_Pharm_07_14_2014_6993-Edit-2We create products that showcase herbs’ inherent properties in their most natural state and therapeutic form. The complex flavors and aromas contained in each drop are proof of each plant’s unique chemistry and potency. A deep and sophisticated earthy taste means we’ve captured nature at its best!

We are proud to produce an array of liquids, plus capsules and powders for times when liquids are not an option. All are crafted with unsurpassed care, minimal processing, and a deep commitment to the natural world.

Let Herb Pharm support your journey to optimal living, and embrace the taste to fully experience the benefits of herbs!