Our favorite Aviva moments from Expo West 2016

It’s been a whirlwind year since we announced our Aviva partnership before Natural Products Expo West last year. Now the bottles for Adrena Soothe, Adrena Nourish & Adrena Uplift are packed up, shipped out and already open in our customers’ homes across the country. And more collaborations are coming soon.

And Expo West has rolled around again. (For the 99.5% of you that aren’t coming, Expo West is a big convention in Anaheim for companies that make things that are organic or natural in some way. It’s 88,000 people in a big convention center that smells like new carpeting.  It doesn’t really remind us of farms or nature, but it’s actually a bit of fun.)

Anyway, last year we had Aviva with us at our booth holding conversations about topics that interested her. Here are some of our favorite moments from Aviva’s chats at the booth.

Aviva and Sara Katz (Herb Pharm Co-Founder) discuss ethical sourcing

Aviva and herbalist Autumn Summers discuss the role of tradition in herbs

Aviva and Ed Smith (Herb Pharm Co-Founder) talk about how herbal blends should taste and smell like herbs

Aviva and Mark Blumenthal ( Founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council) talk about what makes some companies worthy of our trust