Plants & Farm StoriesFeb 2, 2022

Photos from a day in the life: California Poppy harvest

Meet California Poppy, the star of spring harvests. Bright orange flowers emerging from little elf caps.

As the weather warms, California Poppy sheds its little hats and unfurls. Then the flowers open each day and follow the sun across the sky.

Herb Pharm harvests California Poppy when the flowers are in full bloom. That means waiting out spring rains, then heading out in the first days of summer heat.  We start in the morning, before the temperatures climb too high.

Mack and Amanda Lee start in on a row of California Poppy.

We go row by row, picking the whole plant, roots and all. And all by hand.

Mack bends to pull out from the roots.

Gathered together, the California Poppies quickly amount to more than a handful.

Amanda Lee and Brittany team up to gather up poppies.

Once gathered, we take the California Poppy over to the barn.

There we give it a quick, light wash.

Clara and Carmen give each plant a thoughtful rinse.

Rinsing is a team sport. And after countless harvests, Mark's gotten pretty good at it.

We extract California Poppy dried. So that means, once the rinsing is done, we take the California Poppy to our drying room by the barn. So after that, all that's left is for Kendra to wash up.

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