Herbal KnowledgeOct 10, 2022

All About Reishi:

Learn About This Immune-Support Mushroom*

When a mushroom has been revered by herbalists for centuries, you know it’s worth checking out. We’re putting Reishi front and center in honor of National Mushroom Day. Reishi is known for its dark red and brown color, glossy exterior, big fan shape and earthy flavor. Additionally, our herbalists love Reishi for its ability to support the immune system and liver health.*

A Long-Celebrated Mushroom

Reishi is an exciting herb with a long history of use in Chinese and Japanese herbalism. There are even records of Taoist monks traditionally using this mushroom in their meditation practices over 2,000 years ago. In Chinese, Reishi is called “Ling Zhi.” The Chinese characters for Ling Zhi are portrayed as a “shaman crying for rain” to signify its divineness.

How Our Reishi is Grown

As with all of our products, our Reishi liquid herbal extract's ingredients are sourced from the finest and crafted for powerful efficacy. We always make our Reishi extract from Certified Organic dried whole fruiting bodies, grown on wood logs and/or chips. We never use Reishi mycelium grown on grains like rice.

How Our Reishi Extract is Prepared

We prepare our Reishi extract from dried whole fruiting body (not mycelium) of Certified Organic Ganoderma lingzhi mushrooms. We start extraction through the traditional Chinese method of making a concentrated water-extraction tea. Then, we combine the tea with our Reishi alcohol extract. The result is a combined extract with water-soluble and alcohol-soluble mushroom compounds.