Meet Robyn Gerbaz

Farmer 2 

Farm Department


My mission is to help folks connect to plants. When we bring our curiosity and observation to working with and consuming herbs, we are able to tap into an ancient somatic experience that has been largely lost to the greater population. The beauty of tinctures is their accessibility. I think it’s a privilege to cultivate and care for plants and ultimately I want to help extend that privilege and accessibility to everyone.


While my formal training is in traditional western herbalism, I'm curious about exploring the intersection of western herbalism, traditional Chinese herbalism and Ayurvedic practices.


Prior to becoming a farmer six years ago, I was a professional dancer, choreographer and educator with a BFA in Dance Performance. I was training in a variety of movement modalities and somatic practices. My practice across mediums has always been rooted in the physical world and is what brought me to herbs. I hold a Certificate in Herbalism from The Berkeley Herbal Center. I’m continually deepening my knowledge of holistic healing systems and how they inform each other.


For me, it’s all about empowerment and deepening our understanding of ourselves, our bodies and our interconnectedness with the world.