Efficacy & Safety

Herbal safety and efficacy have been established by thousands of years of traditional use and modern clinical research—which is why people continue taking herbs today.

To get the best quality and results, we adhere to a list of criteria.

• Follow proper growing techniques
• Grow plants in appropriate climates
• Harvest at an optimal time
• Determine an optimal age for a plant
• Use the most medicine-rich plant parts
• Comply with an extraction method and recipe that deliver the most potent medicine
• Test & verify for quality and potency
• Determine proper doses that add up to safety and effectiveness

Herbal Medicine Regulation

The manufacture and sale of herbal medicine are regulated by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Their comprehensive regulations govern the handling and processing of herbs, testing requirements, record keeping procedures and labeling and advertising among other activities. Herb Pharm's manufacturing sites are inspected by FDA officials to ensure the rules are followed.

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