Growing & Sourcing

Organic farming is about properly respecting the environment and health of our society. Call it “going back to basics” or “embracing wholesome and natural solutions” or “preferring authenticity and real results.” For this reason, we control the entire process of creating our products from the plant selection to their placement on the shelves.

The Pharm Farm

Surrounded by the spectacular Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon, our certified organic farms are home to honeybees, owls, wild turkeys and other wildlife. We grow over 70 different herb crops for use in our herbal extracts.

Most annual crops start in our greenhouses from organic seeds. Growing conditions and harvest timing are carefully monitored and fresh herbs are delivered to our extraction facility for speedy processing.

Our farm has earned distinction as a United Plant Savers (UpS) Botanical Sanctuary. We earned this honor through our research on the cultivation of wild medicinal plants that are at risk of extinction due to overharvesting and habitat loss.

Global Personal Sourcing

While we’d love to be able to grow all of our more than 200+ herbs onsite, it isn’t climatologically possible. So we’ve developed a system that we refer to as Global Personal Sourcing, or GPS for short, for identifying and qualifying growing partners and wildcrafters all over the world.

The heart of GPS is a set of written specifications for each of our herbal ingredients. These specifications clearly spell out our requirements for the plant’s purity and potency as well as our standards for physical appearance, flavor and aroma.

Our worldwide network of farmer partners are audited by the members of our Quality Assurance and Purchasing teams who inspect fields and herb processing facilities to ensure sustainable agricultural methods, good environmental stewardship, suitable working conditions and documented manufacturing procedures.

We choose to invest whatever it takes to get the herbs right for you. In fact, we’d rather run out of an herb than compromise our quality.

Click on the image below to view the interactive map of our herb ingredient origins.

herb pharm source map

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