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Herbs we trust for kids we love

Alcohol-free options made especially for kids

Discover our Kids line

Our Kids line only uses herbs that have a long tradition of use with children. From Fast Asleep™ and Captain Concentrate™ to Tummy TLC™ and Cough Crusader™, all 12 products are expertly formulated for your little ones.


Expertly formulated to give parents peace of mind

We consider the needs of parents and kids when formulating our products, which is why each bottle is labeled with easy-to-follow use instructions based on a child’s body weight. The instructions make it quick and simple for you to determine the proper serving for your child. Formulated with health and taste in mind, the liquid herbal extracts in our Kids line are gluten-free and alcohol-free. They use naturally sweet glycerin for extraction. All of our internal-use liquid herbal extracts for kids are also Certified Organic.

Many herbs are appropriate for use with kids, under the supervision of an adult. Learn more about herbs for kids.


Doing right from the soil up, for your kids and our planet

We make kid-friendly liquid herbal products that are kind to both the body and the Earth. Here’s how.

  • We use Certified Organic, non-GMO glycerin made from vegetables. Glycerin from Palm is less expensive, but the use of this tropical plant outside of the cultures that have long used it for herbal and culinary purposes has increased exponentially. (Palm is used to make glycerin, as well as products like margarine and chocolate candy.) Global demand has led to deforestation and, thus, decreased biodiversity in regions like Indonesia. To honor the Earth and the cultures that value Palm as an ingredient, we’ve opted to find another option for our glycerin.
  • Our Kids line also provides the high quality and purity you’ve come to expect from our herbal products. We use Certified Organic herbs along with select herbs that are Responsibly Wildcrafted by trusted partners.
  • Every ingredient we use is true to nature — with no neon colors, artificial additives or unnecessary processing.


Throat TLC contains Certified Organic cane alcohol.

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