Farmer Partners

Herb cultivation, especially in remote or developing parts of the world, is a vital means of economic support for many. It is a path out of poverty and an opportunity for self-reliance in places where livelihood options are limited.

Herb Pharm partners with scores of family-owned organic farms throughout the world. We seek out growers who demonstrate safe working conditions, provide livable wages and are as concerned about quality and sustainability as we are. Whether it’s a tranquil northern California Olive grove, or the mist-shrouded terraces of a Green Tea garden in India, we like to visit our growing partners and audit their operations. We pay equitable prices for the herbs they produce and sometimes a little bit more to help offset the cost of organic certification and encourage responsible cultivation.

Herb Pharm leads the industry in fair farmer treatment. We hope our consciousness paves the way for other responsible brands.

View our Global Personal Sourcing page to learn more about our herb origins and our farmer and wildcrafter relationships.

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