Certificate of Analysis

Detailed Analysis

Item: Hemp Turmeric Blend
Date of Completion: 08/08/2020
THC Content: 0.03 wt%
Cannabinoid Content: 0.81 wt%
Terpene Content: 0.018 wt%
Alcohol Content Range: 62% – 72%
Other Ingredients: Certified organic cane alcohol (62-72%) & distilled water

Associated Batch Numbers

The information in this certificate of analysis applies to the following batches:


Item Botanical Name Plant Part State Source
Hemp Cannabis sativa Flowering Top Dried Certified Organic
Turmeric Curcuma longa Rhizome Dried Certified Organic
Reishi Ganoderma lingzhi Mushroom Dried Certified Organic
Echinacea Echinacea purpurea Seed Dried Certified Organic
Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra Root & stolon Dried Certified Organic
Ginger Zingiber officinale Rhizome Dried Certified Organic



Test Method Results
Potency UNODC 5.4.8 Conforms
Residual Solvents USP 467 Conforms
Pesticides AOAC 2007.01 & EN 15662 Conforms
Heavy Metal AOAC 2011.19 and 993.14 (modified) Conforms
Total Viable Count AOAC-RI# 071203 Conforms
Yeast and Mold AOAC-RI# 051301 Conforms
E. Coli AOAC-RI# 101101 Conforms