Unwind with LeAnn Rimes

Meet LeAnn Rimes

“Herb Pharm is a great brand that’s built an incredible amount of integrity over many years…They have clean products, but not all clean products are potent. This does what it says it’s going to do, and for me, that’s key.”

— LeAnn Rimes —

Unwind like LeAnn

Relax & Unwind Like LeAnn*

For LeAnn, liquid herbal extracts are a key part of her evening wind-down ritual. Some of her favorite herbs to use are Ashwagandha, California Poppy, Kava and Lemon Balm. Her special concoctions and mocktails help her chill out, reset and relax at night.* 

The Unwind Bundle*

Create your perfect wind-down ritual and save when you bundle these three liquid herbal extracts. We’ve included California Poppy, Kava and Lemon Balm for traditional nervous system support and extra calm. It’s the ultimate trio to help busy days melt into relaxing evenings.*

Total Price: $42.74 $53.44


$15.58 $19.48

California Poppy

$13.58 $16.98

Lemon Balm

$13.58 $16.98

LeAnn’s Herbal Journey

In the coming months, we’ll release several exclusive interviews with LeAnn. Follow us on social media so you don’t miss a beat! And in the meantime, see how liquid herbal extracts have been integral in LeAnn’s quest for mental, physical and emotional health.*