Herbs for Women

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Maca Powder
Healthy Libido, Function & Fertility*
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Menopause Health™
Supports Physical & Emotional Health During Menopause*
Mother's Lactation™
Traditional Support for Healthy Production of Breast Milk*
Certified Organically Grown Leonurus cardiaca
Phytoestrogen Balance™
Formerly Phytoestrogen Tonic
PMS Comfort™
Provides Comfort During Premenstrual Syndrome*
Red Raspberry
Certified Organically Grown Rubus idaeus
Certified Organically Grown Asparagus racemosus
Shepherd's Purse
Certified Organically Grown on our own farm
Urinary System Support
Traditional Support for Healthy Kidney & Bladder Function*
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Wild Yam
Certified Organically Grown Dioscorea villosa
Women's Reproductive Health
Supports Healthy Function of the Female Reproductive System*


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