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Two Steps to Wellness

Take a broad spectrum approach to immune health with herbal formulas designed to prepare for, and respond to, immune challenges*. Our expert formulations combine the distinct strengths of multiple herbs to create an 'entourage effect' of targeted potency.

Step 1: Get your immune system primed and ready with Daily Immune Builder™*. This fortifying and restoring formula is taken daily so you don't miss a beat*.

Step 2: If your defenses are compromised, act quickly, and give your body the support it needs with Rapid Immune Boost™*. Formulated for use at the first sign of distress*.

Also take a look at our array of complementary products for targeted immune system support for adults and children.


Daily Immune Builder™
Our "prepare-and-restore" formula. Formerly Immune Defense
Kids Immune Avenger™
Kids' version of our Rapid Immune Boost
Kids Immune Fortifier™
Kids' version of our Daily Immune Builder
Lung Expectorant™
Traditionally Used to Support Normal Expectoration & Res...
Rapid Immune Boost™
Our "feel-better-faster" formula*. Formerly Echinacea-Go...
Soothing Throat Spray
Formerly Propolis/Echinacea Throat Spray
Super Echinacea®
Supports Healthy Function of the Immune System*

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