Why It Matters

Herbs created without conscience are certainly cheaper. Cheaper herbs mean cutting corners, which is something we will never do.

We only use herbs that are grown on our own farms or that are sourced from other growers and wildcrafters who, like us, provide more-than-fair wages and favorable working conditions. We only use herbs that meet our exacting standards for authenticity, purity and potency. We only use organic farming practices that have a positive impact on the environment and the planet. If an herb is at-risk of extinction in its wild habitat we only use cultivated varieties to help ensure its survival. We only make products that meet all of these criteria, and that we are confident can benefit your health.

So yes, while we could do a lot of things cheaper, or quicker, or less careful there is still a cost. What costs us when herbs aren’t made the right way, comes with a price that’s far too high for any of us to pay.

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