Plants & Farm StoriesFeb 2, 2022

Root values: Reflecting on the culture that’s taken root

Our root values: Our values are deeply rooted in doing what’s right for community and nature — as farmers, as herbalists, as stewards, as educators and as employers. This article and video series explains our commitment to doing right all the way from our farms to your home.

As Employers

Forty years on, Sara Katz and Ed Smith are proud of the culture that’s taken root in the company they founded. We started from humble roots — it was the two of them, some dusty old books and a handful of herbs (including Goldenrod). Even though they have semiretired, the quality of our herbs and our commitment to our community have never wavered.

The qualities they cultivated in the early days became our root values, and today they are deeply engrained in our company culture.

Ed believes that you're “never really fully successful at a job unless the job can be done without you." He and Sara are grateful to see that so many team members have not only made a career at Herb Pharm, but they’ve allowed our founders the chance to step back and watch what they created continue to grow and thrive.

What’s the secret to success? How do you a build a business and keep it committed to its founding values, even while the industry and the world at large changes rapidly?

Listen to Sara and Ed's Story: