Herbal Education at Herb Pharm

2022 Update

Herbaculture Internship Program

In the interest of community health and safety, we have
suspended the Herbaculture Internship Program until 2023. 

Any updates to the status of the program will be shared here,
so please check back regularly.

When the time is right, we’ll eagerly resume this long-running program and welcome a new generation of herbalists to study and work alongside us in southern Oregon.

The Herbaculture Internship Program dates back almost as far as Herb Pharm itself. In the nearly 40 years that have passed, hundreds of intern herbalists have soaked up the wisdom of Western herbalism and the principles of sustainable, organic farming from visiting and staff teachers.

Since we paused the program back in 2020, the world has changed greatly – and so have all of us. We look forward to a newly designed curriculum that reflects the values and diversity of where we started and where we want to go.

For any questions about the program, please contact the Herbal Education Coordinator at herbaculture@herb-pharm.com.

How We Became Teachers

In the early years of Herb Pharm, founders Sara Katz and Ed Smith started what would become our Herbaculture Internship Program. (See above for current updates on that program.) Education was one of our founding root values. Many of our early employees went on to become respected herbalists, organic farmers and health-care providers in their own right. Some stayed at Herb Pharm for decades and many of them are still here.

Returning To Our Roots

We’re continuing that legacy by returning our herbal education program to its roots. Under the guidance of our Director of Botanical Affairs, Alexis Durham, and her team of herbalists, we’re extending an education to our employees. We’re excited for the opportunity to empower our team with the wisdom of herbs, sustainable farming and more. This is an important way we’re taking care of the people who care for our plants and who make the products you trust.