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Our 12 Months of Giving

Pollinators are responsible for one in three bites of the food we eat. Without partners like bees, butterflies, birds, bats and beetles, many of our favorite plants would die off, leaving us without their wisdom, support and nourishment. Climate change, disease and widespread use of pesticides have devastated their habitats, and now it’s up to all of us to help the pollinators — and the planet.

The Pollinator Partnership protects these valuable members of our ecosystem, with projects across North America and the world. This June, we’re donating 10% of net profits from to them.

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Ready or not, here life comes!

15% off select adaptogens
Change and transitions are a natural part of life. Be ready to adapt to whatever comes your way, naturally.

Adaptogens are a group of herbs revered for their balancing effects. They are used to support our bodies’ natural responses to stress, fatigue and more*. Their actions let you take them both over long periods of time and as a rapid response to short-term situations.


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