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Kids Need Herbal Love, Too!

Nurture a lifetime of wellness with alcohol-free liquid herbal extracts for kids.


Big Hugs for Big Feels*

Introducing Kids Herbal Hug™

Get to know our newest kids' formula. Our herbalists carefully selected these botanicals to give kids comfort and nervous system support during tender moments.*

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Behind the Scenes:
Creating Kids Herbal Hug™

Our mission is simple – we take care of plants, so they take care of people. And of course, that includes people in our own lives. Daniel Marple is the CEO of Herb Pharm, but he’s also an awesome, caring dad! Taking his role as our CEO meant moving from the Midwest to our headquarters in southern Oregon.

Moving is a hard transition for anyone, but especially kids. When his daughter Fallyn was having a tough time getting used to her new school, she needed some extra herbal TLC. Our herbalists got right to work, and came up with a special blend. It helped her so much, we decided to offer it for any other kids that might need a big hug from Mother Nature, too!*

Making Herbalism Easy

No matter what parenthood throws your way, from frazzled nerves and upset tummies to restless nights, Herb Pharm is here to help. Our liquid herbal extracts are high-quality, convenient and accessible for the whole family.*

Swiftly Absorbed

Swiftly Absorbed

Liquid herbal extracts work swiftly and efficiently by partially bypassing the digestive process. The body can start absorbing herbs’ beneficial phytochemicals as soon as the extract is taken.

Easy to Swallow

Easy to Swallow

Getting little ones to swallow a capsule can be a whole drama – but liquid herbal extracts can simply be added to water or juice and have easy-to-follow instructions based on body weight.

Naturally Sweet

Naturally Sweet

All of our kids' products are herbalist-crafted and alcohol-free.† They’re formulated with taste in mind. We use naturally sweet glycerin for extraction and Sweet Orange essential oil for flavor.

Their Future Is on Our Mind

Just like you, we care about the future of the Earth. Our farm is the first Regenerative Organic Certified® herb farm in the world and we’re a Certified B Corp.

A small amount of alcohol is included in our Kids Throat TLC™ to keep the sprayer working optimally.