Daily WellnessAug 2, 2022

How to Keep Up Wellness Routines While Traveling

School is out and that sweet sunshine is calling! We’re all a little extra excited to travel this summer and hope you have some fun trips planned. However, as exciting as traveling can be, it can bring disruptions to daily routines.

It can be tempting to throw all routines out the window while on the road, but your body will thank you for keeping up your wellness habits. Plus, it feels so good to know you can tune in to the support of Mother Nature wherever you go.

Whether you’re visiting your favorite vacation spot or exploring a new corner of the world, your herbs are a consistent and powerfully effective ally. Plus, bringing your herbs along can help with some of the issues travel can provoke (hello, nausea).* 

Check out our top tips and favorite herbs to keep on hand while you’re out exploring.

Hooray For Spray

Hooray for Spray

Just like you, these herbs are ready for adventure! Our Herbs on the Go™ sprays were made for moments like this. They’re so easy to toss into a backpack, purse or toiletry bag. Additionally, you can just spray them right into your mouth and don’t need water or a separate cup to take them.


On The Plane

On the plane 

If things like long airport lines and unfamiliar places bring up mild, occasional anxiety, Herbs on the Go: Anxious Moment is going to be your new favorite. With botanicals like Lemon Balm, Kava, Cacao, Lavender, Licorice and Ginger, it promotes peaceful relaxation and reduces stress and frustration.* 

Pro Tip: We have several proprietary formulas that are expertly crafted to deliver the broad spectrum of every herb. Also, all of our products are available in TSA-friendly sizes for easy travel on-the-go.


On The Road

On the road 

If a long road trip is in your future, be sure to add our Herbs on the Go: Not Now Nausea to your packing list. Not only does it aid in digestion, it also provides support for occasional nausea, upset stomach and discomfort from motion. It’s all thanks to the blend of Ginger, Orange, Anise, Lavender and Peppermint.* 


Bed Time

Travel requires rest 

Whether you’re fresh off the plane or just ended a day full of sightseeing, remember that vacations are about resting, too. Keep Herbs on the Go: Bed Time on your bedside table for soothing nervous system support. It promotes quiet, calm & restful sleep.*  


Use Herb Externally

Add herbal scents 

Aside from the herbs you take internally, you can also pack your bags with a little satchel of lavender to keep your clothes smelling fresh. A few dabs of essential oil on a handkerchief will also do the trick. Don’t forget to pack some of your favorite herbal body products, too. Before and after a long day enjoying the sunshine, it feels so luxurious to apply some St. John’s Wort Oil. 


Quality Over Quantity

Focus on Quality vs. Quantity 

If you’re as obsessed with herbs as we are, it can be hard not to pack up a whole garden’s worth to take on your trip. 

However, even just picking a tried-and-true favorite to stick with during your travels can be helpful for staying on track. Pack one of our proprietary formulas instead of several single herbs, if you need to save space.

For example, if your focus is maintaining a healthy response, you can opt for Herbs on the Go: Immune Season or Rapid Immune Boost. Both of those formulas have several herbs to support the immune system, versus bringing single herbs like Echinacea and Black Elderberry.* 

Big plans this summer?

Wherever the summer takes you, we hope you take some time to appreciate the natural surroundings and enjoy more than a few self-care moments with your herbs. Let us know where you’re headed this summer and what herbs you like to take with you!