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Meet Mark Disharoon

Farm Manager 

Farm Department


I believe that herbal knowledge is a birthright for all humans, so that is what I try to instill in the people I teach. I love that liquid herbal extracts are a great way to preserve the qualities of a fresh plant.


I have studied a little bit of everything throughout the years. One of the greatest learning opportunities for me has been watching Herbaculture interns experiment with herbs and listening to their stories. I consider myself a folk herbalist.


I have no formal education when it comes to herbalism. My education has come from self-study and working for Herb Pharm’s farm since 1995. The plants have been my most impactful teachers.


I have been a core teacher for the Herbaculture program since 2006 and was a teacher for the Hawthorn Institute Foundations and Field Studies programs. I have also taught at two United Plant Savers conferences.


Plant knowledge got lost for a period of time. It feels great to be able to share that with the folks I get to teach.

Plants represent unconditional love for me. They are always here for us and always will be no matter what happens.

I use Dandelion as an example of this when I teach. It is the poster plant for most herbicide companies and a good portion of the world hates it, yet it still comes up everywhere and especially in the yards of the people who need it the most.

First Herb Memory

I was a fussy baby and my mother told me when I was a teenager that my grandmother suggested she give me Catnip. My mother was a nurse and thought this was a crazy idea, so she did not take her advice. However, the story always stuck with me. When I was younger than a teenager, my dad showed me what Pokeweed and Jimson weed were and told me to never eat them because they were poisonous.

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