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Meet Matt Dybala

Director of Agricultural Operations

Farm Department


I am fortunate through most of my life to have a strong kinship with plants and nature as allies in my own health and well-being. In my professional career, Herb Pharm has always represented a deeper understanding of plants and their healing modalities. I’ve personally developed a more integrative routine of using liquid herbal extracts while working alongside a large diversity of herbs on our farms over the past 15 years. It’s been great to share what I have learned with family and community, too.


I do not follow any specific modality but tend to gravitate toward traditional Western herbalism.


B.A. in Environmental Studies and apprenticed with Oregon-based herbalist Mara Levin.


I have primarily taught classes on growing herbs at the International Herb Conference, Penn State’s sustainable agricultural conference, and our local Rogue Community College, along with many community-based classes and within our own Herbaculture program.


My primary objective in herbalism is to teach respect for plants. I am mostly fascinated with their evolutionary patterns and ecological role on our living planet.

First Herb Memory

I always like to tell a story about a strong cup of Skullcap tea when my body desperately needed to rest. I fell into a deep wonderful sleep in a busy living room of kids and family and woke up early the next morning with the empty cup still in my hand!

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