Parents & KidsJun 9, 2023

5 Fun Herbal Activities for Kids to Do This Summer

School is out and it’s time to play! The summer solstice is the first official day of summer, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than by unplugging and getting outside. Here are 5 activities the whole family will enjoy on summer solstice.

Sun Print

Craft Sun Prints

Did you know you can create art using the power of the sun? All you need are some pretty plant cuttings and light-sensitive paper (which you can find at your local craft store or online).

On a sunny day, like the summer solstice, lay your botanicals in a pretty design on the paper and leave it in the sun for up to 20 minutes. Then, dip it in water and let it dry. The result is a beautiful masterpiece made with the help of the sun.

Go on an Herb Walk

Go on an Herb Walk

Summer is prime time for plants! What’s thriving in your area? See if anyone in your county is hosting an herb walk. These guided walks are led by an expert who can help you spot native plants and soak in the magic of nature just outside your door.

Some great places to find plant and herb walk invites are local health food stores, native plant societies, niche Facebook groups, botanical gardens, plant nurseries and even naturopathic clinics. The plant people always find a way to connect one another.

And P.S., if you live in the southern Oregon area, you can come tour Herb Pharm! Our upcoming tours are June 22nd and July 20th in Williams, Oregon. Call 1-800-348-4372 to sign up or ask questions.†

Make an Earth Mandala

Make an Earth Mandala

The summer solstice is all about sunshine and the abundance of nature that’s all around us. Gather some of your favorite backyard plants and natural materials to make a beautiful Earth mandala.

A mandala (which means “circle” in Sanskrit) is a geometric design with concentric rings. You can assemble beautiful rocks, twigs, flower petals and leaves in an alternating pattern, starting with the seed in the center and working your way out in layers.

Prepare a Summer Feast

Prepare a Summer Feast

Historically, food was an important part of any summer solstice celebration. It’s the perfect time to help kids learn about what grows seasonally in summer. If you have a garden, harvest any fruit, veggies or herbs that have grown there first.

Then, visit your farmers market or natural grocery store to pick up seasonal favorites to make a big, delicious meal together. Some ideas might include Strawberry Basil salsa, roasted vegetable skewers with Corn, Bell Peppers and Summer Squash or Watermelon salad with Cucumber and Mint.

Create Your Own Herbal Salve

Create Your Own Herbal Salve

Here’s an activity that’s more suited towards the older kids and teens (with supervision, of course). Learn how to make your own herbal salve using our Calendula Oil:

  • Place 4 ounces Herb Pharm Calendula Oil in a double boiler and warm gently over low heat.
  • Add about 15 grams beeswax to the oil and continue to warm over low heat until it melts, stirring occasionally. (Pro tip: Less beeswax = a softer salve, more = a harder salve.)
  • Once the oil and beeswax are well-mixed, remove from the heat.
  • Quickly pour the warm mixture into prepared tins or glass jars and allow them to cool completely before using or screwing on the lid.
  • Optional: Add 1-2 drops of essential oils as desired (our Calendula Oil is fragrance-free).

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†Tour dates subject to change.