Behind the Scenes: Creating Kids Herbal Hug™

Kids Herbal Hug

Behind the Scenes:
Creating Kids Herbal Hug™

Our mission is simple – we take care of plants, so they take care of people. And of course, that includes people in our own lives. Daniel Marple is the CEO of Herb Pharm, but he’s also an awesome, caring dad! Taking his role as our CEO meant moving from the Midwest to our headquarters in southern Oregon.

Moving is a hard transition for anyone, but especially kids. When his daughter Fallyn was having a tough time getting used to her new school, she needed some extra herbal TLC. Our herbalists got right to work, and came up with a special blend. It helped her so much, we decided to offer it for any other kids that might need a big hug from Mother Nature, too!*

Give Your Kids an Herbal Hug

This herbalist-crafted formula brings together Oat Seed, Passionflower, Mullein and Skullcap to support kids’ nervous systems (and all those big feels).*