Herbal KnowledgeMar 20, 2024

4 of the Best Herbs for Women’s Health*

Discover the herbs that every woman should know about! A woman’s life is full of transitions and cycles, but no matter what you’re going through, Herb Pharm is here. We’ve used the power of herbalism to support people since 1979. We truly believe that liquid herbal extracts have the power to help you tune into nature and connect more deeply with your body.

Learn about 4 herbs that can help support menstruation, healthy hormonal balance, menopause, and general reproductive health.*

It’s important to note that while these herbs can be found in the category of “Women’s Health,” they are appropriate for all humans, whether you identify as a woman or not. Everyone is welcome here!* 


Motherwort is a great multi-benefit herb to add to your routine. Motherwort provides traditional support for the endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of the glands and organs that produce your hormones. Motherwort supports a healthy menstrual cycle, is supportive for the heart and nervous system, and was traditionally used to calm nerves and reduce tension.*

We put a lot of care into how we make all our extracts, and Motherwort is no exception. We prepare Motherwort extract from the leaf and flowering tops of Certified Organic Leonurus cardiaca plants grown on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farms in southern Oregon. To ensure optimal extraction of the herb's bioactive compounds, the plants are harvested while in full flower, carefully shade-dried, and then thoroughly extracted.

Lots of people take Motherwort as a single herb extract, but you can also find it as a key ingredient in our Menopause Health™ formula.

Chaste Tree

So often you’ll hear the term “hormonal” used to describe teenagers, but hormones are a key part of our lives through adulthood, too. There are a lot of ways to support and balance your hormones, but taking Chaste Tree extract is one of our favorites. It’s an excellent herbal ally for both healthy hormonal balance and healthy function of the female reproductive system.*

We prepare our Chaste Tree liquid herbal extract from the ripe berry of Certified Organic Vitex angus-castus trees. You might see this herb advertised as “Vitex,”—based on a shortened version of the Latin name, but we always refer to it as Chaste Tree. To make this extract, we freeze the berries prior to milling in order to preserve the essential and fixed oils within the seed. The end result is an extract that’s peppery, slightly bitter, super high-quality, and swiftly effective.*

We offer Chaste Tree as a single herb extract, and it’s also a featured herb in our Women's Reproductive Health, PMS Comfort, Menopause Health and Phytoestrogen Balance™ formulas.

Dong Quai

While we practice traditional western herbalism at Herb Pharm, we do use a few herbs that are popular in traditional Chinese herbalism. One of those herbs is Dong Quai, which provides traditional support for the female reproductive system.*

We prepare this extract with the dried root of Certified Organic Angelica sinensis plants that are grown in China, where it natively thrives. Dong Quai is a member of the Apiaceae family, just like many spices and vegetables you might eat every day. Some other plants in that family are Carrots, Celery, Cumin, and Parsley. Our Dong Quai is harvested in the fall, dried, and then fully extracted.

You can take Dong Quai all on its own as a single herb extract, or find it in our PMS Comfort and Women's Reproductive Health formulas.

Black Cohosh

If you’re going through perimenopause or menopause, consider Black Cohosh your new best friend. There’s a reason why it’s one of the featured herbs in our Menopause Health formula! This herb supports your physical health during menopause and also supports the female reproductive system overall.*

We prepare our Black Cohosh extract from the rhizome of Certified Organic Actaea racemosa plants. The Black Cohosh we use is grown in its natural forest habitat in the United States.

Like all of the herbs above, you can certainly take Black Cohosh liquid herbal extract all on its own and see how it works for you. As mentioned above, we’ve also created a Menopause Health formula (which contains Black Cohosh) as well as other beneficial herbs such as Chaste Tree, Motherwort, Licorice, and Pulsatilla.*

Honorable mention: For those not going through menopause, Black Cohosh is also featured in our proprietary Cramp Care™ formula along with Cramp Bark, Corydalis, Jamaica Dogwood, Wild Yam, and Ginger.*