Herbal KnowledgeMar 16, 2023

5 Liquid Herbal Extracts to Try This Spring 

Happy first day of spring! Monday, March 20th, 2023 is the Spring Equinox and the official start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere (and the first day of fall in the Southern Hemisphere). Today, the Earth is perfectly balanced. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres get equal exposure to the sun’s rays. For most of us, the fresh season sparks the desire to open the windows, clean out every nook and cranny of the house, bring more life to the garden and shift meals to feature more light, bright foods.

As people who love plants and deeply respect natural rhythms, we use these seasonal changes to re-evaluate our wellness routines and find equilibrium in life. If you’re right there with us, check out these 5 liquid herbal extracts to balance out your spring routine.


Nothing says spring quite like Dandelions! Generally, Dandelions are the first plant we harvest in the spring. While you may be used to seeing them pop up randomly in your yard, we plant them in neat rows on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farm. When they bloom, they explode in rays of golden yellow—it’s truly a sight to see. Our Dandelion liquid herbal extract is made with the whole plant—root, leaf and flower. We prepare our extract from fresh, never dried, Certified Organic Dandelion plants.

Turn to Dandelion extract to support your body’s cleansing and detoxification process. You’ll be delighted by the taste of this extract—it’s very mild and pleasant, with just a slightly bitter aftertaste. We offer Dandelion, Dandelion Alcohol-Free and it’s a featured herb in our Better Than a Bouquet Collection. If you’re interested in learning more, read about Dandelion in our Herb Library.*

Herbs on the Go: Ready for Pollen™

Here’s a great formula to keep on hand this time of year. Our herbalists created this special compound to provide traditional support for the respiratory system and support for normal eye and sinus secretions. It features a wonderful blend of herbs, including Stinging Nettle, Eyebright, Goldenrod, Reishi, Astragalus and Ginger.*

The beauty of this product is the spray feature. You don’t need any water to take this one—just shake it, spray it 4 times directly into your mouth and swallow. Great for anyone who always forgets to take their extracts—eliminating the extra step makes all the difference!


If you’re ready to come out of winter hibernation, Rhodiola is your herbal ally. Rhodiola root has a pleasant smell that’s almost a bit rosy. This herb is uplifting, energizing and supports your athletic and physical endurance. It’s both a nootropic and adaptogen, giving you physical and mental stamina as well as stress support. Sip on a serving of this herb before you embark on your annual spring cleaning or get your hands dirty in the garden. That spring to-do list will be complete in no time!*

We prepare our Rhodiola extract with the Certified Organic dried roots of Rhodiola rosea plants. We offer both Rhodiola and Rhodiola, Alcohol-Free.

Rapid Immune Boost™

There’s no spring break for hard-working immune systems. When your immune system needs a little help, consider Rapid Immune Boost your best friend. Our herbalists crafted this formula to support a quick and vigorous response to immune system distress. It’s truly a great one to have on hand in any season. This formula features a blend of Echinacea, Goldenseal, Elecampane, Spilanthes, Yerba Santa, Horseradish, Ginger, Black Elderberry, Yarrow and Wild Indigo.*


Show yourself some TLC with Turmeric, a multi-system support herb that promotes whole-body wellness. Turmeric is an easy extract to incorporate into your day (especially in drink recipes). More importantly though, it provides comprehensive support for the hepatic, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and digestive systems. It also promotes liver health, post-exercise recovery for all ages and is considered a traditional Ayurvedic ally for skin support.*

If you’re interested in doing a deep dive, read more about Turmeric in the Herb Library. Looking for a good Turmeric drink recipe? Brighten up your morning with Turmeric Carrot Juice—it’s a great balance of sweet and spicy. Or, if you’re craving something bubbly, try our Turmeric-Lemon Fizz. It’s like an herbalist’s twist on classic lemonade.

What liquid herbal extracts are you trying this spring?

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