Herbal KnowledgeFeb 2, 2022

Root Values: The Value of Our Herbaculture Internship Program

Our root values: Our values are deeply rooted in doing what’s right for community and nature — as farmers, as herbalists, as stewards, as educators and as employers. This article and video series explains our commitment to doing right all the way from our farms to your home.

As Educators

Education has always been a key pillar of Herb Pharm’s work. Our co-founders, Ed Smith and Sara Katz, established what would later become known as our Herbaculture Internship Program in 1980.

Back then, they felt a strong responsibility to educate future herbalists, and they still believe it’s the right thing to do. It wasn’t easy to ensure that the interns had a worthwhile program for the few months they spent on our farm, but education felt like an inextricable part of the company culture. Even now, the program is one of Sara and Ed’s favorite parts of the company.

Sara and Ed are natural teachers, and while they teach less often than they did back in the early days, they still feel a strong connection to herbal education.

The interns arrive on our farm so full of excitement and enthusiasm for herbs and for nature, and that spirit is contagious. If you spend time on our farm during any one of the three annual internship sessions, you’ll understand why this program has thrived — and what makes it truly unique.

Hear why Sara and Ed feel so strongly about education: