Herbal KnowledgeMay 23, 2022

Why Liquid Herbal Extracts?

We’ve been making liquid herbal extracts since 1979. Today, we offer more than 180 single herbs and more than 85 proprietary formulas to help take care of your body, mind and spirit. Quality liquid herbal extracts begin with quality herbs. Ours are always made from herbs grown on our Certified Organic farms in southern Oregon or ethically sourced from all corners of the world.

Our liquid herbal extracts help deliver the broad spectrum of every carefully sourced plant. They work swiftly and effectively, in perfect harmony with how bodies work.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about taking liquid herbal extracts, including some simple tips for making them part of your everyday routine.

What is a liquid herbal extract?

Liquid herbal extracts are a format of herbal supplement that use different types of liquid to extract beneficial compounds from herbs. In our liquid herbal extracts, we primarily use alcohol, distilled water, and/or vegetable glycerin.

Before they’re added to the menstruum, herbs are typically ground or finely chopped to extract more of those beneficial compounds. After the extraction process is complete (keep reading for more detailed instructions) the spent herb(s) get filtered out. Then the liquid gets bottled on its own or with other extracts. What’s left is a liquid herbal extract!

The alcohol used in our products is the same ethanol produced by fermentation that you find in beer and wine. Alcohol is an excellent solvent for many phytochemicals, especially those that have limited solubility in water. It is also an excellent preservative, so the liquid herbal extracts can last several years. Read more about the science behind making liquid herbal extracts.

How do I take liquid herbal extracts?

Taking a liquid herbal extract is as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Shake the bottle well, open it and squeeze the dropper bulb once.



Release the recommended serving (check the label for each product) into at least 2 ounces of water or juice.



For the best results, repeat as directed on the product label.

How do we make liquid herbal extracts?

There’s beauty – and efficacy – in the simplicity of liquids. We tend and harvest each herb at its peak, when nature tells us the plant is ready. From there, we mill the herbs into smaller pieces. This allows us to extract more of the beneficial compounds from the herbs. Smaller pieces make it easier for the liquid to soak in and do its work! The herbs get combined with a menstruum (that’s the soaking liquid), then we soak and stir the mixture. Depending on the herb, this can take two or three weeks. It’s a simple but precise process.

We primarily use Certified Organic cane alcohol and/or palm-free vegetable glycerin, along with distilled water, depending on the herb and final formula. The herb mixture is ready when it reaches a perfectly balanced state, where the liquid inside the herb is the same concentration as the liquid outside the herb. From there, we strain, press and filter.

For formulas that contain multiple herbs, we then combine and expertly blend each individually extracted ingredient using expertly chosen, proprietary ratios. Along the way, from farm to shelf, we test the plants and our products. Our intense quality assurance process focuses on herbal identity, purity, strength and composition, limits on contaminants, traceability and good manufacturing practices.

The leftover plant matter is called “marc,” which gets composted on our farm – so it can help grow next year’s crops.

Squeezing Turmeric into drink

Our Turmeric extract contains all the beneficial compounds of Turmeric root — as well as its bright gold color!

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