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Liquid herbs dropping from dropper and entering water

So Many Choices

Why Liquids?

Herbal extracts come in many shapes, sizes and formats. There are pills, powders, and capsules, just to name a few. As you make your choice, the important thing is to get herbs into your life. Liquid herbal extracts are a smart way to do this. We prefer liquids because they provide a number of distinct benefits.


Liquid herbal extracts deliver herbal benefits faster than other forms by removing phytochemicals out of their cellular and structural plant matrices and making them available for immediate absorption. The liquid format is able to partially bypass the digestive process. Your body can begin absorbing liquid extractives as soon as they reach the mucous membranes in your mouth, stomach and small intestine. For herbs like bitters, the effect begins when the extract touches your tongue.

Taste, Smell, See and Feel

Liquid herbal extracts deliver a more authentic representation of the plant. They convey much of the herb’s smell, taste, color, as well as its stimulating, calming or other properties.* On a phytochemical level, our liquid extracts closely match the make-up of the plants from which they are extracted. We ensure this through chemical analysis, like High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC).


A Simple Process

We make liquid herbal extracts simply, without any extra ingredients or processing. Often, our products contain only the herb extractives and the liquid used to extract them. The process of creating a liquid extract is often the first step in making other formats for herbal supplements.


Flexible Usage

Liquid extracts make it easy to adjust the amount of herbal extract you would like to take. We put a range of doses on our labels to accommodate different people, lifestyles and goals.

Herb Pharm's Flexible Usage Dropper

Sage (Salvia officinalis) herb is harvested just as the plants begin to flower. They are carefully dried in the shade before being extracted.