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Sleep As Nature Intended*

Relax, unwind and drift into dreamland with a little help from our liquid herbal extracts.*

Get Your Best Rest* 

Try Our Relaxing Sleep™ Formula

This herbalist-crafted, Certified Organic formula is one of our best sellers. Relaxing Sleep is a mild sedative compound that promotes sleep, and helps with things that get in the way of sleep, like mild, occasional anxiety, stress, agitation and irritability.*  


Your Guide to Better Sleep

Sleep is sacred! If you find yourself craving delicious, blissful sleep (hello, we do), check out these simple tips for building a better nighttime routine. 

Put the Phone Away

Put the Phone Away

Stop scrolling, and start snoozing. Phones, laptops and other screens emit blue light that keeps us awake.1 Put your phone to bed in another room if it’s too tempting.

Honor Your Bedtime

Honor Your Bedtime

We all know kids have bedtimes – but do you? If you’ve been staying up later than you intended, try setting a “go to bed” alarm that reminds you to hit the hay.

Master the Wind-Down

Master the Wind-Down

Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep by doing calming activities before bed. Some of our favorites include gentle stretching, soaking in the bath and taking extracts. 

The Perfect Night Cap The Perfect Night Cap

The Perfect Night Cap

The most restful nights start before your head hits the pillow. Try out our recipe for Blue Moon Lavender Dream Milk. Lavender liquid herbal extract is traditionally known for its calming support. A few warm sips will have you all cozy and ready to put your phone on “Do Not Disturb.”* 


1. Silvani MI, Werder R, Perret C. The influence of blue light on sleep, performance and wellbeing in young adults: A systematic review. Frontiers in physiology. August 16, 2022. Accessed October 24, 2023.