Plants & Farm StoriesAug 24, 2023

Day in the Life of an Herbaculture Intern

Most herbalists start their journey simply by getting curious about plants. As Herb Pharm co-founder Sara Katz once said, “We started Herb Pharm because we were completely and utterly fascinated by plants. We wanted to know these plants intimately and to experience their magic as often and in as many ways as possible.”

Education has always been an important part of our ethos. We’re proud to say the Herbaculture Internship Program Ed and Sara started over 40 years ago is still going strong! Keep reading to learn more about what this program offers to budding plant enthusiasts from around the world.

Interns in the field

See What It’s All About

The Herbaculture Internship Program is 10 weeks long and happens 3 times a year in the spring, summer and fall. Monday through Thursday, interns get hands-on experience working with the farm crew performing tasks like planting, harvesting, weeding and washing plants depending on the season. Students also attend herbal classes and learn about body systems and the energetics of plants, make herbal preparations and go on regional plant walks in southern Oregon.

Overall, it’s an amazing experience where students learn from our farmers and local herbalists while enjoying a community living experience. The program itself is free, and interns all stay together in the first house ever built on Herb Pharm’s property.

Meet Herb Pharm Intern, Carley

Carley was an Herbaculture intern in the spring of 2023 and documented some of her experience in our program. According to her, the best thing about this program is “the opportunity to work, study and live alongside like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.”

She described it as “an immersive and transformative experience that fosters personal and professional growth in the field of herbalism.” She also added, “this internship is more than just a learning experience. It's a chance to be part of a supportive community, make lasting connections and develop both personally and professionally.”

Interns on the farm

The Future Looks Herbal

The most exciting thing about our Herbaculture Internship program is what our interns go on to do. Many have started their own herb farms or schools. Some have continued their education to become naturopathic doctors, midwives, acupuncturists or nutritionists. Our interns can take their herbal education and apply it to a career that brings them joy, and we can’t think of anything better than that!

Feeling Curious?

If you want to learn more about this program, visit our Herbaculture Internship information page. And follow along on Facebook or Instagram as we periodically share what our wonderful interns are up to!