Experience Liquid Herbal Extracts

Tips That Benefit You

Avoid adding your liquid herbal extracts to coffee and tea.

Start with an empty stomach for best absorption.

Herbs may have bold or challenging flavors. To improve taste, add more water or take with juice.

Drink in Plant-Based Wellness

Nature In Sync With You

Herb Pharm liquid herbal extracts deliver high quality herbs in their most authentic state, supplying a broad spectrum of beneficial phytochemicals that work in perfect harmony with your body.

Swift & Powerfully Effective

Your body can start absorbing our herbs’ beneficial phytochemicals as soon as you take an extract. No need to wait to get the herbal support you need. Liquid herbal extracts work swiftly and efficiently by partially bypassing the digestive process.

Easy to Use

Taking Herb Pharm’s liquid herbal extracts couldn’t be easier. Give your bottle a shake. Squeeze the bulb once to get a dropperful and release into 2 oz. of water or juice. Sip, sit back and enjoy the moment.

Easy to Swallow

For people who are looking for another option—or want a closer connection with what they’re putting in their bodies—liquid herbal extracts offer an easier way to drink in natural wellness.

Nothing But Pure Plant Wellness

Our liquid herbal extracts are pure and simple. Our finished extracts contain just the beneficial herbal phytochemicals and the liquid used to extract them. Without needing to wait on your digestive system, your body can start experiencing the benefits with the first sip.

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The best herbs make the best extracts. Here's what you can expect in every bottle.

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