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Regenerative Rosemary

You may know Rosemary as an aromatic culinary ingredient, but it’s also a powerful herbal ally! Our Regenerative Organic Certified® Rosemary liquid herbal extract provides traditional support for healthy brain function, memory, and alertness.*

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Why Regenerative Organic Matters

Why Regenerative Organic Matters

It’s time to make a stand against the old, tired systems that have contributed to climate change, depleted soil, and disempowered workers. Right now, businesses and consumers must come together to support regenerative practices that restore farm ecosystems, normalize carbon levels in our atmosphere and empower farmers. The hidden gem of regenerative agriculture is hope for the future.

Why these herbs?

Why These Specific Herbs?

We grow as many herbs as we possibly can on our Regenerative Organic Certified® farms. When an herb can’t be grown in our climate, or we simply can’t grow as much as we need, we turn to trusted growers from around the world.

With our Regenerative Organic Certified® products, we can’t do that. Currently, there are little to no third-party sources to supplement ROC herbs. From a farming perspective, certain herbs (like Rosemary) were selected due to their increased resilience to pest and disease along with consistent yields over time. 

The Farmer’s Perspective

We’ve always valued organic farming methods, but being Regenerative Organic Certified® takes things to a new level. And for us, going above and beyond organic isn’t just good for business – it’s personal. Learn why our farmers are so passionate about regenerative agriculture.