Our Herbalists

Meet Tom Belcher

Tom Belcher

Document Control and Training Specialist
Quality Department


To connect people experiencing intellectual/developmental differences and mental health concerns with the healing wisdom of plants and increase accessibility to holistic support.


B.S. in Psychology from Portland State University. My professional background involves working as a Behavior Specialist supporting people with intellectual/developmental differences and mental health concerns. I’m currently enrolled in the Herbal Academy’s Clinical Herbalist Path.

Meet Jennifer Gerrity

Jennifer Gerrity

Herb Sourcing & Procurement Manager
Procurement and Inventory Control


Walking the herbalist path from an early age, I’ve gained knowledge and appreciation of plants and their origins. I have been working in the botanical industry since 2004.

Farming, botany and plant conservation through cultivation have become lifelong pursuits. I take a special interest in the procurement of high-quality organic herbs, spices and oils through domestic farm visits and international travel. I am committed to farm development and outreach in the form of special projects such as Fair Wild and Forest Grown woodland botanicals.


B.S. in Plant Science from Rutgers University. I specialized in propagation and agribusiness management, tropical agriculture, bioremediation and tissue culture, then continued doing research for the university and the EPA after graduation.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve studied under various herbalists and at the School of Spagyric and Alchemical Arts in the tradition of Paracelsus and the Philosophers of Nature.

Meet Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins

Senior Director of Quality
Quality Department


To honor and respect people and plants.


Navigating regulations while maintaining herbal integrity


Herbalism has been part of my life since I was a kid, I've learned in formal college settings, continuing education courses and in self-guided education.


My teaching experience ranges from Community College credit courses in the field of Biotechnology to continuing education courses on current good manufacturing practices for botanical dietary supplement in a variety of settings, with a focus on small businesses.